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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cupcake Cake Ball

These things are so dang cute, I can't even stand it. Seriously.

I got an order for just some happy cake balls, something cheery and light. So I started looking for ideas, and happened upon Bakerella (which happens to happen a lot), and I found this fantastic cupcake cake bite tutorial. It was perfect. Because who's unhappy with a cupcake? And when they're tiny and cake ball-y...happiness perfected.

I would add a few little tips. I used a little squeezy bottle to fill the candy mold about 2/3 of the way full. It was Wilton brand, and you can actually heat the candy melts in the microwave, in the bottle. Then after I'd dipped them in their "frosting" and it was all set up, I went back and checked for areas that I'd missed with the candy melts. If I found any, I just dabbed some more candy melts over the spot to make sure nothing would leak out.

That's about it. They were fairly simple and oh so adorable.


  1. They are really cute! So creative!

  2. Hi,
    So cute cup cake.. Really like the presentation of this cup cakes. Thanks for sharing..