Welcome to my humble blog! I'm a cake bakin' gal specializing in wedding, party and GLUTEN FREE cakes and other treats. They're purdy AND tasty!

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My name is Janelle and I bake cakes!

I took those Wilton classes at Roberts 5 years ago when my daughter was about to turn 1. I wanted to make her a cute cake. I didn't exactly succeed, but it started me down the caking path. I have a huge family and I made cakes for everything (I don't anymore, sorry!), so I got a ton of practice. A year after I took the classes, I started teaching them and the rest is history.

I love making the cutest cakes I can imagine. I love to push my limits and do something new. I love it when people love the cakes that I make them. I just love it all! And my kids do too because they have an endless supply of buttercream frosting.

I do regular cakes of course, but a few years back my mom and grandma were diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. It was a huge deal to switch to gluten free foods. Then my husband was diagnosed. Yes, and my entire family went GF. So we actually know what its like to do gluten free foods. We also know its hard to find stuff out there that actually tastes good. So we work hard at that, and we know you'll love our GF cakes.