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Friday, May 28, 2010

Must Haves!

I'm going to sporadically (because that's just how I do things) post when I get warm fuzzies about items that I have, or when I realize my life would be in the crapper without certain things. Cakey things. Soooo....today was one of those days.
I picked up some Ball Plastic Freezer Jars a few weeks ago because I needed some cups to mix my frosting in for a class and I was tired of using disposable ones. It changed my life. I HEARTHEARTHEART them. HEART! They come in a million different sizes, they're not too expensive, you can use them again and again, and they're so darn cute. The lids twist on so your frosting stays nice and fresh. They're just lovely. I picked them up at Harmons, and then some more at Walmart. They're all over the place.


  1. Did you just say you "heart" them? Interesting...well I "heart" your cake balls!

  2. No. I said HEARTHEARTHEART. HEART. Because I do. I want more peanut butter ones. I only made like 5 of them. I just had one.

  3. The jars look a lot like the ones Ziploc makes with the screw on lids. I LOVE the screw on lid type since I tend to drop things and the lid won't pop off like all the other types. May have to try these!